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  1. Hi Amy, congratulations on passing your module. It's nice to read that you're feeling positive about learning sign language especially with everything going on. Good luck with your learning
  2. Ace, are you free this Sunday or Monday?
  3. Hi Cam, I haven't tried it yet, perhaps we could try it together?
  4. Fey


    Nice to e-meet you too! Hopefully I can develop at least a passing level of familiarity with this. The hardest thing is getting enough practice in
  5. Just started but it certainly looks that way. Context is key!
  6. I work as a paramedic and so am often in situations where I need to communicate what's going on, what I'm doing, what I need to do, etc to patients. It can be a scary situation, particularly if my patients don't understand me. Learning BSL will make those times just a little easier for my patients.
  7. Fey


    I have joined this forum through the british-sign.co.uk course. I am taking the course so that I am better able to communicate with people who use sign language. I have had occasions in the past where I wished I knew some sign language and, to be honest, I don't know why we don't just teach everyone sign language in school.
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