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I joined Because

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I feel everyone should be able to understand others and be understood and i know me learning it won't solve this is will help

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    • Hey, I’m Jules and I’ve been really interested in signing for years but never had the motivation or resources to do so. Recently I’ve been getting really interested by the Deaf community and decided especially now during the time of COVID and face masks that I need to finally learn. It would really help if I had some people to practice with since I don’t actually know any d/Deaf people and nobody I know seems too interested in learning, unfortunately.
    • Hi my name is Skye. I have recently took alot of interest in BSL. I have deaf people in my work place that id love to be able to speak to properly, it is my dream to learn sign language as id like to go into being a interpreter in a couple of years so this is a great t=ime to start learning
    • Hi, I have decided to take up BSL as so many jobs keep coming up that I want and I have the other qualification just not the signing. So today I move forward, hoping to get my dream job at the end of this!  At the moment I am a Pupil Support Assistant In a high school, I love it but I am overqualified and I'm getting frustrated, Ive always wanted to sign and I have the time to do it now. 
    • Yep, I'm doing that british-sign.co.uk course too. I want to learn BSL because quite frankly I don't think it's fair that Deaf people have to rely on lip reading and such to be part of a conversation, and that mute people can't make themselves understood without a paper and pencil. You guys deserve to be part of the conversation. Also, sign language is so much easier to process than sound when you're in a crowded room, and you can't exactly sign too quietly to hear!
    • Hi everyone! My name is Lucy, I'm 17 and I'm hearing. I started the british-sign.co.uk course during quarantine, as it was reduced in price so I had the chance to get it! Part of the course is to introduce yourself on this forum but honestly this place looks really lovely so I'll likely hang around some more and meet some of you. Once I've finished the course to gain some vocabulary, I'll be looking for some conversation partners around my age so I can get used to talking to another person.
    • Hi everyone! My name is Hayley. I'm just restarting my BSL course, I started at the beginning of the lockdown here, genuinely thinking I would be furloughed and have heaps of time....I didn't get furloughed! So now I stay late once a week at work to get some learning done before my fitness class.  I've always wanted to learn BSL and I have a friend who teaches me bit (usually swearing) whenever I see her. It's something that has always interested me and I think could be useful in life.
    • I've always been fascinated by sign language, but I recently got engaged to my beautiful fiancae, who is deaf. So i want to learn as much as i can. My main goal for the  near future though, is being able to sign my vowells
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