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  1. 1. Should I pay for the BSL course? Is it good?

    • Yes! It's a great course : )
    • No, I don't recommend it.
    • It's boring but teaches you BSL.

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This is me introducing myself too this website. I'm Cookies and 17 years old. I know a few people who are deaf/hard of hearing, so I'm learning BSL so I can communicate better with them. I've always had an interest in BSL but never tried to learn it. Until NOW. Yesterday I was skimming the internet for a cheap but useful course and I found this one. I already know all of the fingerspelling letters! Well, I guess I've introduced myself now. If you click on this, it will come up with a poll. Please answer it! 

*Cookies isn't my real name haha

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    • To better communicate with the people around me and to improve accessibility. 
    • I'm learning BSL, finally. I like many others believe it should be taught in schools and offered as classes throughout education. However, I'm learning to allow myself to communicate with others 
    • I can speak three languages and I'd like to communicate with people (deaf or not) using BSL, too. I believe being able to speak BSL would help integrate us more to our society and communicate with deaf members of our society.
    • I wanted to learn BSL for years. I am hard of hearing but never learned to sign and now learning level 2. I'd love to help bring the deaf and hearing communities together more. 
    • Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've joined as I am learning BSL and loving it! I want to get as much practice as possible and learn alongside other like minded people! 
    • I'm learning BSL because I'm deeply involved in campaigning on social issues and want to help with accessibility in those movements.
    • Hello everyone! I've been interested in sign language since I was taught and introductory course when I was a lot younger and now have the time to continue that education and learn it properly.
    • Hello everyone, I am new to BSL and would like to say hi 👋 I have always wanted to learn sign language, and I finally have started and loving it so far, my little girl learns sign at school so it is a nice way to develop an essential skill and form of communication together. I have a passion for learning. 
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