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Why learning bsl?

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I think it is important that children learn bsl in primary school to enable them to communicate, should they need to, in sign. I think it is a basic skill needed for all.

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    • Hiya, my name's Phoebe and I've only just joined! I work in healthcare and have been hard of hearing since birth, being profoundly deaf in my left ear. I see a lot of patients and staff (including myself) struggle with communication barriers in healthcare, especially lately with masks making this even harder. It's taken me a long time to realise that despite not being completely deaf I can still be a part of the deaf community, and so I've been educating myself and trying to learn BSL for the la
    • HI Flic.¬† Its great to read this. I wish you all the best with your BSL adventure.¬† I am¬† so confused as to why when i am in hospital , The Royal¬†National Nose Ears and Throat Hospital, for procedures on my ear, that¬† it is impossible to communicate with the doctor or any of the nurses because i am deaf¬†with out my hearing aids,¬† and not one of them can use BSL¬† and i have been going there for many years!¬† Its great to see the younger generation taking part in correcting this.¬† Thank you.¬† Take
    • Hi Nataliebee.¬† Its¬†great to read this as i am very hard of hearing myself and always have a lot of trouble at the dentist.¬† I have been going to my appointments there for years, and always tell her,¬† but unfortunately she just keeps talking to me from behind with a mask on! we get by somehow but it would be so much easier if her or the dental nurse, who is usually in front of me, could sign.¬† With people like yourself around we have hope for the future.¬† Yes i totally agree that BSL should be t
    • Hey guys I'm Flic and I am 18 years old. I am hoping to study medicine at university soon and think it is so important to integrate more BSL into healthcare to insure it is entirely accesible to everyone and inclusive! I have only been learning for a couple weeks so am new to it all! but loving every moment so far. I would love to find someone to practice with who has alot of patience!¬†
    • My grandaughter had delayed speech as a toddler and is currently under investigation for Autism/ADHD and has a severe stutter so I am hoping that if I can sign (and teach her to sign as well)¬†it will help her to communicate better and aid her speech as well as give us both an extra skill.
    • Hi all¬† I'm Kate (aka Roz) from Kent and a grandmother of a child who had delayed speech and possible Autism or ADHD.
    • Hi everyone My name is Ruth and I am a special needs teaching assistant and I have wanted to learn sign language for a while. Lockdown has given me the ideal opportunity to practice and learn a new a skill. I love people and connecting with them and i would love to be able to communicate with the deaf community. It is such an expressive and beautiful language to learn I hope I get to put it into practice one day. This also adds to my skill set and cv for the future. I look forward to learning an
    • Does anyone know of any resources for signing Ring a Rosies? I've checked google, Youtube and Instagram and all I can find is Makaton.
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