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The reasons I'm learning to sign

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I've always wanted to learn sign language. The ability to talk to a friend i used to have in yr 2 who was deaf or just communicate with a slight level of secrecy to it. When i was in Yr 5 they taught us finger spelling and the words 'Beard' , 'Goat' and 'Father Christmas '. When i got into Yr 7 i started to get more anxious and social anxiety levels gradually got worse. I started to figure that it'd be easier not to stress about saying the wrong thing or saying something to upset anyone. The only way i could think to do that was to just stop talking at all. And thats what i did. Im now mute and figure learning BSL would not only help me communicate, but also let me do something I've wanted to for years.



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    • Yes I love this idea, I am beginning my PGCE in September and would love to see more of British Sign Language in Mainstream schools
    • Hi All, I have a deer best friend so started learning sign but I now work with children in gymnastics that require sign so am furthering my knowledge 
    • Hi all! I'm Cherise and I've started learning BSL so that I can interact with more people. I have cousins that are deaf and hard of hearing and I'd love to be able to talk to them in their language rather than relying on lipreading as I have been (very lazy of me!) I've always wanted to learn and find that I now have the time to start.  Happy learning to you all and I hope to connect with some of you 😊
    • I have just started the online BSL course, I’m a complete beginner but I am enjoying it and hoping I can put it to use in the future. :)
    • Hi I'm learning BSL as I work with people with dual sensory loss.
    • Hi, How would I ask someone whether they liked something? For example, do you like rugby?  Thanks!
    • I have just finished with lesson 3 and thought I would try to introduce myself a little. I have looked through a few videos to get an idea of what I could say...so thanks esp Hannah White! I only got interested in BSL since my 5year old was learning three signs a week with homeschooling and I seemed to enjoy learning with him. Thought I would give it a real shot. Please let me know what you think.