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Hi Steven! Whenever I see ASL I think it looks so much harder than BSL! Have you learned any BSL other than starting this course and where are you up to on it? Are you British? (so many questions haha!) 

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Interesting perspective!

I learned BSL from Youtube.com. Commanding Hands. John Smith - deaf British comedian.

I am doing Introduction section 4 on animals and at home.

No I am not British, I am an American, Texan, to be specific.

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Aahh I see! I've just checked him out on YouTube, theres a lot of videos. I've scrolled through a lot of BSL and never clicked on him! 

I've just passed assessment 7 on the course. 

Is there any sections so far that you would like to practice? My friend and I send each other little videos of what we did that day to try and use some of the vocab we've learned

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We just send them via what's app or via email. (she's my friends mum so it's the easiest way for us, she's had troubles logging onto this forum but hopefully she'll get it sorted) 


Did you want me to send you some videos asking questions? 

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    • Hi there! I am a primary school teacher and have worked with children who are hard of hearing and children who are non-verbal. I found that learning basic signs helped me better connect with these students and that is why I wanted to study sign language. I am really enjoying the online course. I am looking forward to teaching my year 4 students to recognise and communicate using BSL.
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