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Why I'm learning

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Though I am hearing I suffer with my hearing slightly due to a fault with the eucharuan tube. My mother started learning sign language when I was 7 so I've known how to finger spell since then but I've always been interested in learning more. 

As it stands I have 2 members of the deaf community who live opposite me and they, as well as a few other members, regularly visit the shop I (usually) work in (off on isolation atm due to health) so I help where I can and always use the thank you sign but I'd love to be able to communicate properly and also be able to tell them how much they've spent before they see their receipt. Small gestures like that go a long way in my opinion and I want to propose that Sunday becomes a day of shopping where the store is quiet and I can be there to help with their needs more in depth (when everything returns to normal). I have also debated learning over the past few years in order to become a translator so its something I may well work towards in the future!

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