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My name is Ben, I am a playworker and work with children across Gloucestershire. I am currently a furloughed worker and I am keen to boost my skills while stuck at home looking after my own kids. Signing up to this course (especially with the reduced cost) was a no brainer, my hope is that I can engage with children who use BSL and encourage them to our community play sessions, as well as building relationships through language with school pupils I work with.

I am trying to find that balance between learning something new to add strings to my professional bow (so to speak) as well as keeping my brain engage in something that isn't Bing Bunny or unicorns!

I'm liking the course so far, once I have a bit more confidence in stringing sentences together (by going over and over the work sheets) then I plan to FaceTime friends of mine who use BSL, it will be great to chat with them using this new ability. 

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