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  1. I agree Vinnie. Good Luck with the course.
  2. Hi Susan - I have exactly the same experience. One of my primary school teachers taught me the alphabet and I never forgot it. 😉 Good Luck to you both.
  3. Wow Mark - your signing was great - and that's after just two weeks!? Your facial expressions looked super. I'll admit I struggled with the speed of your sentence, but that's my problem. Good Luck with the rest of the course.
  4. Hi all Like many I have wanted to learn BSL for a while. Up until last year I lived in the Netherlands and it was difficult enough learning & speaking Dutch, so I put my BSL learning on hold. Fast forward to 2020, I am now living in the the UK and thought now was a good time to take up BSL. I am thrilled to try out the beginners/ introduction course and hope that as well as learning something positive to add to my professional experience, that I will get alot out of it socially too. Like with any new language, it's all about practise (and making mistakes) and practise some more.
  5. Cazza

    new learner

    Hi Judy - good luck!
  6. Hi Ben Good Luck! Carol
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