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Why am I learning BSL

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I have wanted to learn BSL for as long as I can remember, although it primarily stemmed from when I was in Brownies and we had someone come in and teach us a few basic things.

I have always wanted to learn so that I can communicate with more people, I am always looking for ways to be more accessible and inclusive.

However, I have finally decided to get on and do it as I am currently training to become and Occupational Therapist, and as I will often be working with people with disabilities, it will be a huge asset to my work to be able to communicate with patients who are deaf or hard of hearing, or other people who sign. I used to work with a boy with cerebral palsy who used makaton and I always felt awful that I struggled to communicate with him properly because I didn't speak his language.

Also on a personal side, my other half is deaf in one ear, so learning some sign together will be really helpful when we're in busy noisy environments to communicate.

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