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Hi, I'm Leah , I'm 19 years old and i'm learning BSL. I've been wanting to learn BSL for the pass 8 years, but only just beginning taking online lessons. i got into BSL from my secondary school form tutor. He taught me and my whole form how to sign 'Happy Birthday' and so whoever birthday it was, we would sing and sign to them. And in that moment, when I first did the signing, I knew I wanted to learn more. Over the years i began to follow other self taught teens who do Sign Language for personal reasons and I would learn bits and pieces of sign from them.

I then went to college (did Floristry for 3 consecutive years), I wanted to learn BSL so if customers who are deaf can still order because I can understand them. Another reason why I want to learn BSL is so I can have a conversation with a deaf person. At my college, there was this lad and he was deaf. I would just watch him interact and have a conversation with his TA (teaching assistant) and there's me thinking "that would be me one day." I would also just love to make someones day, just from having a lovely conversation through signing. I would be so happy and proud of myself at what I have accomplished. I have a passion for BSL.

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