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Hello,  my name is Sophie and I am a supply teaching assistant in a primary school in South Wales. During lockdown I wanted to enhance my skills and build my CV. I love learning new languages and have always wanted to learn sign language! I have just finished my degree in Childhood Studies and aspire to become a play therapist. Learning BSL will hopefully allow me to communicate with children and young people who use BSL and will broaden my horizons in being able to support children and young people who use BSL.  

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Hi Sophie and everyone else on this forum starting to learn BSL. I'm Ruth, I'm at home currently on lockdown and waiting to start my new job, while I'm waiting I wanted to start to learn a new language. The other evening I was out running with my husband and we came across a guy who was deaf and was communicating to us with gestures. We tried to communicate back with lip reading/gesticulation but I wish I knew what he was saying and I wanted to communicate back more completely. I've just done the first hour and am amazed by how quickly I've started to pick it up, hopefully I can learn lots before I have to get back to my full time job. 

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    • Hey Sue, You are correct, I have indeed used the wrong sign- I used the sign for Son/Boy instead of the sign for Brother (Brother is most defiantly two knuckles knocking together)  Glad someone Is checking these haha Lola 
    • Hi Lola, Can I just check. Is the sign for son also used for brother. The only sign for brother I know is both knuckles infront of body moving up and down? Thanks for help sue  
    • I'm currently undertaking a PGCE course and during this lockdown I am trying to improve my teaching skills so I decided to take the BSL course and I'm currently learning sign language 
    • Hi, I am a secondary school teacher. I have alwaus wanted to learn BLS so have taken lockdown to take the time to learn 
    • hi! my name is Scarlett and I am learning sign language for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. I first learnt fingerspelling when I was in Brownies when I was 10 years old and have wanted to begin learning BSL since. really enjoying the course!
    • Hello! My name is Natalie and I am 26 years old from North Wales. I am a performer and a dance teacher, and decided to start learning BSL as I think it will be a great skill to have and open up new opportunities to help and meet more people. Can't wait to keep learning! Hope everyone is staying safe, and keep positive!😃
    • Hey, ex script consultant here, In terms of screenplays it all should be written in English with English grammar, including all of the "Spoken" lines.  If you want the character to be authentic and genuine, give the part to a genuine deaf actor who will know the how to bring the words to life with their hands.   I wish you all the luck in the world! and if you need and ex-script consultant on your team you know where to find me Lola
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