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Hello,  my name is Sophie and I am a supply teaching assistant in a primary school in South Wales. During lockdown I wanted to enhance my skills and build my CV. I love learning new languages and have always wanted to learn sign language! I have just finished my degree in Childhood Studies and aspire to become a play therapist. Learning BSL will hopefully allow me to communicate with children and young people who use BSL and will broaden my horizons in being able to support children and young people who use BSL.  

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Hi Sophie and everyone else on this forum starting to learn BSL. I'm Ruth, I'm at home currently on lockdown and waiting to start my new job, while I'm waiting I wanted to start to learn a new language. The other evening I was out running with my husband and we came across a guy who was deaf and was communicating to us with gestures. We tried to communicate back with lip reading/gesticulation but I wish I knew what he was saying and I wanted to communicate back more completely. I've just done the first hour and am amazed by how quickly I've started to pick it up, hopefully I can learn lots before I have to get back to my full time job. 

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    • FEW SPACES LEFT on our next Level 2 evening course starting on 15th May with John Archbold. Get in touch now to continue your BSL journey!   www.remark.uk.com/bsl-level-2/  
    • Hi Chey. I'm probably at a simular level to you. How were you thinking of studying together? Zoom?
    • Hello everyone,  Many years ago I spent time working with a deaf person, when he moved on to better things I promised him that I would learn sign language.  Here I am finally fulfilling my promise. 
    • Hello Everyone, my name is David and I have recently started the BSL course online. I have progressive hearing loss and at present wear hearing aids in both my ears, my early life was in the Royal Artillery and I also play the saxophone (no surprises why I'm losing my hearing!). As I have been informed that I will continue to lose my ability to hear I thought I best start learning BSL now. My daughter is learning with me, so hopefully we'll be able to help each other along and practice what we l
    • Hi I am Vicky.  I decided to do the introduction to sign language course mainly as learning a new skill that may be useful in the future. However I also work in education as a teacher so it may be useful if I ever work with students with hearing impairments.
    • I have started this course to help learn the basic signs and conversation gestures, expressions and cues to help me with a future venture in teaching BSL. I currently teach in a primary school and have a sign teacher that comes in each week to teach my class. It has always been something I have been passionate/interested in and I have decided to just go for it to help me daily with my 2 little boys and also to use in my classroom. 
    • Hello everybody,  I am Aimee, 32, from Lancashire. I am currently on Maternity leave with my 11 week old little boy and have started this course as it is something I have always been interested in and am looking for a new adventure alongside my normal teaching job of teaching BSL. I am very excited to start this journey :)
    • Hi Sarah, I hope you are well. I warmly welcome and wish you all the best with your language-learning journey! Chey xx 
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