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  1. Hi @Mariam, try here - https://www.bslcourses.co.uk/ they’re not cheap but the quality of the course is very good. Don’t go for any places offering a course at a silly cheap price otherwise you get what you pay for.
  2. @Usayd Islam Tariq i wont make it this weekend Im afraid.
  3. Hi @Charlotte-bsl beginner Yes pretty much. You could give the wolf sign a slightly longer snout.
  4. Do not get taken in by the cheap courses for BSL. Some websites advertise their courses priced at ridiculously low prices e.g marked down from £149.99 to £15.00 - but do not sign up to these courses. If you read through the specification of their course(s) and do not see it as being registered with Signature or iBSL then avoid like the plague. I got taken in by the cheap pricing on one of the websites and after starting one of the courses I was disappointed to learn that it was nothing but useless PowerPoint slides and hardly any signing at all. Valuable lesson learnt regarding pricing and a reminder - "If its too good to be true...........". Please be wary and if in doubt ask here
  5. @ChloeS cant see any problem with you joining. Welcome to BSL PS. Normally I would record and post a video signing my reply to you but its late and I am very tired. Speak to you soon.
  6. HI @Helen McConnell So when you go into one of the modules - along the right hand side you will see a list of slides as per the screenshot below. I work in IT so creating slides in powerpoint and then rebranding them to appear a certain way is not that difficult to do and that seems to be the case here. The slides are very wordy and there is absolutely no signing throughout any of the modules I have done. There are illustrations of signing which are not actually very helpful since it would be so much better to see actual signing rather than having to imagine how it looks and potentially getting it wrong when you try and work it out. Ill finish the courses since ive paid for them but I would not recommend them.
  7. Word to the wise - I enrolled for the level 2 and level 3 courses on The Course Mix and so far I am disappointed and unimpressed. I have gone through the first 4 modules of lvl 2 and so far all I have done is go through online powerpoint slides with absolutely no signing. I can recoup the cost of the courses through my employer but for anyone else I do not recommend signing up to the courses. The huge discount may draw you in but you'll be better of paying the full price elsewhere where there is actual signing involved and not just reading off a screen.
  8. Hi @Helen McConnell I am looking on The Course Mix too - BSL lvl 2 and 3 have been reduced by 94% which is a steal. Im going to enrol now.
  9. Hi Tara, last two signs are - "Speak" "Soon"
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