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Why I'm Learning BSL (learning I BSL why?)


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I have decided to give it a go as I love languages. 

I do not personally know anyone that uses BSL, but having found myself with a lot of extra time during this pandemic, I thought that this could be a good opportunity to expand my horizon and learn something new. Also, I suffer from laryngitis and last year I had really bad episode of Laryngitis and was unable to speak for several weeks; now I wished I had learnt how to sign then as it would have really helped me communicating with my husband rather than having to write everything down all the time! 

I have only done 3 lessons so far but loved them all. It also a quite good exercise for me to try and lipread as well as learning the signs. My lip reading skills are awful, not sure if it's because I'm Italian or because I'm just really bad at it, it might be a combination of both tbh!

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