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Why am I learning BSL?

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Hello, I decided to start learning BSL as I believe that it will come in handy one day and I think it’s a great thing to learn aswell. In any workplace you will most likely come in contact with a Deaf Person or someone who uses sign language as their way of communicating with others and by learning BSL you will be able to communicate with everyone. 

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Hi Jessica!

I completely agree with your reasons to learn sign language. I am working in a school and have realised how many students suffer with hearing impairments. As a skill I believe it should be taught to kids from an early age so we can be more inclusive as a society. Hope you are well!

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Hello, I'm in Melbourne, Australia and have been learning Australian Sign Language (Auslan) this year, as I love languages and we had to spend a total of 7 months in lockdown (the last four being total lockdown). Our alphabet is the same as yours, and the two languages are similar, I believe. I find the BSL fingerspelling game on this site very helpful. I'm about to start the accredited Auslan course, but have been having private lessons for a few months, and can now have basic conversations.

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