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I figured I'd try and learn some sign language in lock down and found I really struggled with the alphabet when its not in order. So I built a quick website/guide to help which I'd like to share with whomever is interested. No affiliates or ads etc... fully open sourced and you're welcome to add to and improve it if you so desire ūüôā

It shows both ASL and BSL. 

(Spacebar changes letters and hovering over or touching reveals the sign/letter)



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    • Dearest apologies, but the event will be postponed to 4:10pm due to personal matters, apologies everyone. ¬†
    • Session will last 1 hour, if room overfills use the over rooms! ¬† ¬†
    • Hello, Everyone! Ekito here,¬† Let's organise a video chat to help each other's signing skills! There is no specific requirement regarding your signing skills, Please behave yourself & respect others Meeting time & room Mixed signing room,¬†https://www.signlanguageforum.com/bsl/bsl-video-chat-rooms/ [Friday, July 23rd, 2021,¬†2:10pm] ¬† If anyone wishes to join and/or organise another video-meeting, please feel free to comment and follow topics ¬†
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    • Hello, my name is Clare and I work for Marie Curie where a number of us are learning BSL. I already knew a very small bit of BSL from a Deaf friend I went to school with but I am excited to be learning more ¬†
    • Hello¬†Kerri, would be great to practise, afternoons are usually best for me.
    • Hey Juliet,¬† Would be great to have someone to practice with as well.¬† Happy to arrange a time.¬† Kerri¬†
    • Hello, everyone! I started doing the level 1 course from British-sign, so far I'm having a lot of fun doing it! However, reinforced learning takes one topic already interesting & makes it a lot better, learning on your own is comfortable, sometimes slow, and can burn you out quickly, but working together helps a ton! I hope we can work together to achieve what we all want to do! ^^ My name is Ekito and I can hear, I am 18 and plan to learn more BSL after I finish this Level 1 course, the course at my own college is very expensive and they won't help me pay for it unfortunately, but I have alternatives to achieve what I want in life :) ¬† Sorry I didn't record myself signing, I feel that I need to improve my fingerspelling & signing before showing myself haha, I also looked like I just woke up XD ¬†
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