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Hi all i work with adults with learning disabilities im trying to learn a song in makaton ive used youtube toĀ find alot of the signs but im stuck on some of them i need to know the signs forĀ 

know what it meansĀ 

nasty and bitterĀ 

liers and quitters

and real

the song is scare away the dark by passengerĀ 

any help would be great thanksĀ 

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    • Hi everyone. I signed up for this course 2 years ago and then life got in the way and I forgot all about it. Now, here I am, determinedĀ to give it my best shot. I Ā have limited experience of BSL (and Makaton) through my various care jobs over the years but I am hoping that this time I will be successful in my studies.Ā I hope to have better communication with my granddaughter who is 5 years old. She is deaf and autistic. She is non verbal and communicationĀ (or lack of it) is becoming more and more of a frustration for her and everyone supporting her. I'm in my 60's but I hope that my brain is able to retain at least some of what I am learning!
    • Hi everyone, I learnt the BSL alphabet as a child along with my siblings.Ā I never lost interest and have attempted to begin learning BSLĀ a few times over the past 20 yrs with something getting in the way each time. Iā€™m just starting section 3 of the course and looking forward to learning more. Iā€™m retraining, studying Ceramic Design BA. Currently onĀ a long covid break from my Uni studies but Iā€™m hoping to use my BSL studies once I graduate. Possibly training as an artĀ teacher or being able to offer inclusive courses in my studio. Hopeful that my long covid recovery isnā€™t going to get in the way of completing theĀ BSL course. Also, Iā€™m dyslexic so am wonderingĀ if this will be a hurdle when the signing/grammarĀ becomes more complex. Good luck with your studies everyone. Jo xĀ 
    • Hi, im Psywren, i live inĀ the south west. im new to bsl. I started to learn the language a fewĀ days ago for a couple of reasons. I like the physicality of the language, and the way you can communicate non verbally (i am autistic and am sometimes non verbal). I dont currently know anyone who is deaf, but i used to work in customer service. Occasionally we would serve people who knew bsl and i always regretted that i couldn't talk to them like i might anyone else. Paper and a pen just doesn't cut it, imho. dont think i have anything else to add, so hello! Ā 
    • I was born deaf in one ear and reliant on my other ear to hear. I never had too much of a problem except working out sound direction.Ā  But, there's always a but, about 5 years ago my family noticed my hearing was poor, I had a hearing aid fitted and then I started getting dizzy spells. A visit to an amazing ENT consultant who tested my hearing, listened to meĀ and diagnosed suspected Meniere's disease. Up to this point, I'd never heard of this disease which is attacking my good ear. Medication controls the dizziness but I'm now at the point to be considered for a cochlear implant as I cannot hear anything without my hearing aid. Part of my acceptance that I'm going to be deaf is learning sign language. My family is learning to sign as well as. Not being to communicate with them would be too awful to think about. We're all using the BSL course which is amazing, I can't recommend it enough. It's going to be an uphill struggle but I know when the inevitable happens I'll be able to sign it away!
    • Hi, just started learning BSL and lovingĀ it, started for couple of reasons, work (domestic abuse support) and Iā€™m hearing impaired. I live in rural mid Wales so looking for a community where I can practice cos the last thing I want is to lose it cos I donā€™t regularly use it!
    • Hi Han, just started BSL, have wanted to for ages,Ā I live in mid Wales :)
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