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I am doing my Level 102 and 103 and need some practice.

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I am doing my Level 102 and 103 and really need some practice. It takes me time to absorb things and it doesn't help that I am forgetful 😂.. Also very shy but I have to do it. Anyone up for it one day? Kieran has been of great help in the past.

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Hi Michael,

I have been a bit down lately, up all night then slept all day, tried to stay awake for the meteor shower but will try to meet with you next week, how is your finger spelling game?

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Sorry to hear that. I hope you're better now. I haven't been motivated of late but I hope to get back to it. I average 20 on the finger spelling game. Poor I know but I am getting faster at recognising letter. I will get there. Sorry I saw your message late. Any tips?

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