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  1. Hi Tina, happy to helps. What is your email address please? Kind regards Sadaqa
  2. Hello. Alot of deaf people like dance, what type of dance you do ?
  3. Hello Keiran, Do you have FB? If yes, send me you name and we connect, then I can answer your questions. Thanks Sadaqat
  4. Hello bear, I hope you are enjoying the language , how it going so far ? Kind regards Sadaqat
  5. Hi Jojo, How is your signing going ? I look forward to hearing from you
  6. Hi Madelyn, Thanks for sharing! I am sure you do well with sign language Sadaqa
  7. Hi Becky, Where are you based ? Thanks Sadaqat
  8. Hi Kate, Nice to e-meet you. How are you progressing with your BSL ? Kind regards Sadaqat
  9. Hi David, I am happy to do you need ? Kind regards Sadaqat
  10. Hello Mason, Nice to e-meet you. I am happy to help, let have a chat. Kind regards Sadaqat
  11. Hi Alisson, Welcome to chaotic city of London How is your sign language journey going ? Sadaqat
  12. Hi Summer, Nice to e-meet you. How is your singing journey going ? Happy to sign with you online. Let me know if interested! Thanks Sadaqat
  13. Where are you based ? I am deaf interested in swimming lesson
  14. Hello Pervin, Do you have FB ? If yes, what is your facebook name. I will connect you. Thank you Sadaqat
  15. Hi Heather, Nice to meet you. For beginner: speak the letter and also say your name as it will help them. For advance and deaf people: just speak the name. I hope this helps
  16. Hi! Nice to e-meet you Great Intro
  17. Hi Everyone I hope you all are well. I am Deaf, if you need any advise, tip, help with signing please let me know. Kind regards Sadaqat
  18. Hi all, Is this group still running ? How it is going with with BSL practise ? Thanks Sadaqat
  19. Hi Rachel, How is the group signing practice going? Regards Sadaqat
  20. Hi Mariam and Jeetus, Have you found the right course yet ? I am happy to help you with this. Everything is online and accredited to signature. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards Sadaqat
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