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Why I'm Learning BSL

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 I currently work for a very large organisation and my position is Managerial. Not so long ago my company decided to employ some Deaf people. One of those Deaf people came to work in my area Christos who comes from Greece. So I wanted to be able to communicate with him better and to try and understand him better. Bingo since starting to learn BSL I have managed to be able to communicate with him a little bit better. Christos has also found this to be amazing that I have taken the time to try and speak with him. I have found the BSL course very good so far and I'm confident in most of the learning I do. The tricky bit for me is reading sign as sometimes Christos can be very quick with his sign language. I have started to learn some different signs that Christos has learned me but I'm sure there is a long way to go until I'm fluent in BSL. 

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