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I am Deaf and I want to do an EPQ involving Sign language along side my A levels. I can't decide on a simple topic and question. It has to be something I can write 5000+ words on though. Please help. Here's some previous ideas I had: ( they aren't good idt)

1. To what extent does being deaf impact your life and is it right to be classed as a disability?

2. To what extent does being D/deaf or HOH impact your life, does this have positive and negative impacts and is sign language necessary to learn?

3. How difficult is it to learn sign language for a deaf person?

please help. I have to submit my topic in 2 days.

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I am doing a similar thing for my epq, I think all these topics would be good in terms of having a lot of different opinions and point of views. However in my opinion i think the first option or sort of area/theme would be a good idea as there, from what i have researched, are a lot of differing ideas and almost controversy on the topic depending on the persons views or maybe even from where there from which I think could be interesting to research. Then again they all, in my opinion, would be good areas to focus on :) (i might be a bit too late but i hope it goes well)

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As it's previously been said, all the topics listed are great topics to look into. I find the first one very interesting as you can discuss not only your own view points surrounding this subject, but you can also include those of others and compare them - you could even compare the opinions of those outside of the the D/deaf community. It's also a good one to compare and provide data and discuss that data, e.g. you could do surveys with it as well! Hope you can figure out what you'd like to do and that it goes well for you! 🙂

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