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Why am I learning BSL

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Hello all,

I have always loved languages and wanted to learn sign language originally in my mother-tongue, Italian. Since I'm living and working in the UK I decided to learn BSL, also for work. I work in an art gallery and I would like to be able to better interact with visitors that use BSL, especially if they can't lip-read because of the use of masks. I am learning so much from this course and finding BSL one of the most fascinating languages I've ever learnt. 

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Hello all,

I started learning BSL when my nephew was born with 3 deformities in each ear (very rare). he had cochlear implants aged 1 that were slowly turned up over 6 months but he wasn't fond of them, and the data was inconclusive as to whether they were working properly. I also noted that L (Nephew) was struggling to figure out where sounds were coming from in busy places. Anyway, we realised his first language would be BSL so i started learning just about a year ago - getting there slowly. I have to agree with SamDeSimone - i'm also learning so much and also find the language incredibly fascinating

Sign Language i Love

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