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Please see the list below for our next available workshops that are suitable for both TSLI, TSLT, RSLI and RSLT. At these workshops you will acquire CPD points in order to meet the NRCPD’s regulations - To take 24 hours of CPD activity per year; let us help you achieve this with ease.

Upcoming workshops at Remark!:

Consecutive Interpreting with role play with Russell Aldersson

Saturday 21st May 2022 – 10am – 2pm at Remark! Training Centre, London

£90 per student, 4 CPD points.

Developing International Signing - Part 1 with Gavin Lilley.

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June – 10am – 4pm at Remark! Training Centre, London

£195 per student, 12 CPD points.


Developing International Signing - Part 2 with Gavin Lilley.

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd June – 10am – 4pm at Remark! Training Centre, London

£195 per student, 12 CPD points.


Interpreting in Medical Settings with Steph Cobb.

Saturday 1st October 2022 - 10 am - 4 pm - Remark! Training Centre, London

£105 per student6 CPD Points


Interpreting in a Sexual Health Setting with Chance Walton-Ashmore and Andrew Travers.

Saturday 12th November 2022 - Time: TBC - Remark! Training Centre, London

£135 per student6 CPD Points


For any more information about the above workshops or to book your place, please visit our website. Our training team can be reached via [email protected] / 0207 269 2621.

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    • Hi everyone, my name is sue and I started to learn sign language in February.  I was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year, and have lost one side of my hearing due to an operation and the hearing in my other ear isn’t great.  I was always interested in signing and watching Rose on strictly last year sealed my interest.  I really hope I can go on to use it more. 🙂
    • What is the sign for therapy or is it just fingerspelled?
    • Hi, I started the BSL course 2 years ago during lockdown but found it hard doing it by myself. my daughter has chosen to do it as part of her DofE skills so we are now learning it together. For me it will be a valuable tool in my job as a sen teaching assistant and hopefully my daughter will find it useful in the future as well.
    • To better communicate with the people around me and to improve accessibility. 
    • I'm learning BSL, finally. I like many others believe it should be taught in schools and offered as classes throughout education. However, I'm learning to allow myself to communicate with others 
    • I can speak three languages and I'd like to communicate with people (deaf or not) using BSL, too. I believe being able to speak BSL would help integrate us more to our society and communicate with deaf members of our society.
    • I wanted to learn BSL for years. I am hard of hearing but never learned to sign and now learning level 2. I'd love to help bring the deaf and hearing communities together more. 
    • Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've joined as I am learning BSL and loving it! I want to get as much practice as possible and learn alongside other like minded people! 
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