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Why I learnt BSL, and forgot most of it.

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Way back in 1975 when I was in boarding school, I was taught BSL at a night school, but over the years until 1985 I had no reason to use it, but then I met and married a partially deaf woman, and all her family, brother, sister, mother and father were totally deaf, and seeing that I knew BSL (well as much as I could remember), I mostly had to 'mouth' the words, because I wasn't fast enough for them to understand, and, on top of that, I made so many mistakes and took too long to remember what a sign was for a word, but the marriage only lasted 3 years, and ended in late 1987, and since then all I've remembered was the finger alphabet, then from 1987 to this day, I've never had to use sign language, then in 2001, I moved from the UK to the US, and a few years later married an American woman, and I still never had to use sign language until now, well, sort of, I'm 62 and have completely lost my hearing in my right hear and losing hearing in my left, and I have to teach my wife BSL, but I can only teach her the finger alphabet, which is mostly what I remember, and I'm not as fast as I should be either.

So I was wondering if there's a way I can practice to get up to speed?  It may takes a while, but as I already know the finger alphabet, it shouldn't be a problem figuring out the rest.  They say the best way to continue where one left off is to practice with someone, but I don't know anyone here where I live that's deaf and if I did, it'll mostly be ASL, that they use.

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