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Why I learnt BSL, and forgot most of it.

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Way back in 1975 when I was in boarding school, I was taught BSL at a night school, but over the years until 1985 I had no reason to use it, but then I met and married a partially deaf woman, and all her family, brother, sister, mother and father were totally deaf, and seeing that I knew BSL (well as much as I could remember), I mostly had to 'mouth' the words, because I wasn't fast enough for them to understand, and, on top of that, I made so many mistakes and took too long to remember what a sign was for a word, but the marriage only lasted 3 years, and ended in late 1987, and since then all I've remembered was the finger alphabet, then from 1987 to this day, I've never had to use sign language, then in 2001, I moved from the UK to the US, and a few years later married an American woman, and I still never had to use sign language until now, well, sort of, I'm 62 and have completely lost my hearing in my right hear and losing hearing in my left, and I have to teach my wife BSL, but I can only teach her the finger alphabet, which is mostly what I remember, and I'm not as fast as I should be either.

So I was wondering if there's a way I can practice to get up to speed?  It may takes a while, but as I already know the finger alphabet, it shouldn't be a problem figuring out the rest.  They say the best way to continue where one left off is to practice with someone, but I don't know anyone here where I live that's deaf and if I did, it'll mostly be ASL, that they use.

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    • I am the same - When I asked cambsdeaf they suggested choose a hand (preferably the one you would write with the most)  apparently it can get confusing so better just to choose one.  I chose left   but now i think ive made it more difficult as everyone else seems to sign the opposite. 
    • Hi, I'm at Uni aswell (though im 33!) I'm studying Early Childhood Studies about to start my second year in September alongside a new Teaching assistant job ! There's a few children who need further support and I have always wanted to learn BSL and I am happy to practice with you via computer! 
    • I'm Jackie or Jac , I would  like to understand  more about  sign language  and be able to converse at a basic level , hope maybe  someone  with a lot of patience can help me achieve  this 🤗
    • Im currently in uni in Leeds doing a course in childhood studies. Ive always wanted to learn BSL just never really had the time till now. Super excited with my progress but I haven't had the chance to practice it with another person so I don't actually know if im any good hahaha. If anyone is interested to practice over FT or discord or whatever let me know! 
    • Hello, im just starting to learn sign language, it’s hard to remember it all but I’m enjoying it.
    • Lol, I doubt I could teach you much, as I've already forgot most of it, and as they say, "if you don't use it, you lose it". and I haven't used BSL, in around 36 years, so much of it is lost, it just needs a refresher, to ignite it all. I would be interested in finding someone to 'refresh' my memory and to help build up speed.  My time zone is MST (Mountain Standard Time), which is currently 8hrs behind the UK, which would mean for the hours between 12pm and 6pm UK time, I would need to be
    • Hi, I’m Joy.  I’m a mum to two gorgeous boys aged 7 and 2. I have bad water damage to my left ear and so have self thought to lip read. However since masks have been in use I’ve felt so isolated as I can’t hear what people are saying so I just cut myself off. I was in a really bad place. I’ve since crawled my way back to feeling a little better and decided that I can’t let my hearing loss rule my life so here I am, trying very hard to learn BSL!
    • Hello everyone, I am still fairly new to BSL, so this might be a silly question, but I am a bit confused about the sentence structure. I'm doing the online course and in Lesson 3 I think, it said that the sentence structure is Object/Topic, Subject, Verb. But in Lesson 7 it's Time, Subject, Verb and Object.  Does that mean the structure is a bit less strict?    
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