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Why I am learning BSL


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Hello I'm Yinka, I got interested in BSL about 3 years ago before covid as I had been developing hearing problems and I am a fan of learning languages then I realised I could learn sign language by this time i had gotten very invested and interested at learning the language I was watching youtube videos on it about every day as i was learning the more my hearing went and I was denied medical health for my hearing due to me not being 18 at the time which i thought was unfair. I want to become a mental health nurse and as my hearing was going I thought that I would have to quit on my dreams due to me turning hoh but then I found out that I could be a mental health nurse that focuses on deaf and hoh patients and I started to think if the community even had those kinds of treatment then i found out about deaf camhs and other deaf mental health services. After that I noticed that there was an unfair barrier but in place for deaf/hoh people as they have to have interpreter when going to hospitals and the overall language barrier is unfair so i joined this organisation called BSMHD which helps bring mental health service and health service more accessible to deaf people, i hope to become fluent in the language and help the deaf community to have accessible health care

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    • I am doing my Duke of Edinburgh certification at the moment and need to learn a new skill for it. I chose to learn sign language because it's something I've never learnt before and I love languages, I think any language is an amazing skill to have. 
    • Hello! I am a student doing an online BSL course for my DofE skill project. 
    • HI Atanaa, zoom would be fine. I just need to use it as much as I can so I don't lose the skill.
    • FEW SPACES LEFT on our next Level 2 evening course starting on 15th May with John Archbold. Get in touch now to continue your BSL journey!   www.remark.uk.com/bsl-level-2/  
    • Hi Chey. I'm probably at a simular level to you. How were you thinking of studying together? Zoom?
    • Hello everyone,  Many years ago I spent time working with a deaf person, when he moved on to better things I promised him that I would learn sign language.  Here I am finally fulfilling my promise. 
    • Hello Everyone, my name is David and I have recently started the BSL course online. I have progressive hearing loss and at present wear hearing aids in both my ears, my early life was in the Royal Artillery and I also play the saxophone (no surprises why I'm losing my hearing!). As I have been informed that I will continue to lose my ability to hear I thought I best start learning BSL now. My daughter is learning with me, so hopefully we'll be able to help each other along and practice what we l
    • Hi I am Vicky.  I decided to do the introduction to sign language course mainly as learning a new skill that may be useful in the future. However I also work in education as a teacher so it may be useful if I ever work with students with hearing impairments.
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