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How do you sign...

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if you don't know what the short version of it is, you can fingerspell it. all that does is add a few seconds to what you're trying to say

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    • there is a profile on Instagram called sign language songs and they have some really great ones on there 
    • I want to be able to talk to everyone because everyone is the same . My grandad was deaf and nobody was ever able to talk to him properly I started learning BSL but unfortunately he passed away a few months ago, but BSL has opened up another world of communication for me !
    • I fell in love with my boyfriend and we where having normal conversations and then we went on a date and we had background music on and I said how wonderful the song was and he told me he couldn’t hear it and told me he was deaf I’m not going to let that stand in the way and I want to be able to communicate with him on a level that he feels more comfortable with 
    • Hello Everyone  I achieved a BSL Level 2 a few ago and foolishly haven’t used it for a while after using for year in a CAB solely for the deaf & hard of hearing. Trying to find the best course either online or class to re-gain confidence in using again  i was never good in fingerspelling🤔 Has anyone got any good advice to hand?? It would be very much appreciated  
    • Hi, I'm a newbie here.. I know BSL finger spelling and a few basic signs. What's up?
    • I would appreciate some help with translating a song into sign for a school?  Thank you. 
    • Hey! I'd suggest asking in this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2204346984/ Is there a reason you'd like an Interpreter? I'm just wondering if you'd get some questions about why it can't be a native signer or Deaf person.
    • Hi everyone I just wanted to introduce myself, I have just began learning Level 1 in BSL and am loving it.  What a beautiful language 😍 I was really pleased to find this forum and am sure I will find it beneficial as I continue my studies. Have a great week everyone xxx
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