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Justin Lee Carr

BSL for diaabled students

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    • Hi my fellow BSL community, Wanted to come on and say hi. I'm a teacher who is passionate about learning and communicating. I've always wanted to learn sign language and finally got the courage to do so. So excited to be on this journey!
    • hii, I'm Beth, i'm learning sign language because it's always interested me and I thought id take this spare time to my advantage and learn as much as can, I also want to be a paramedic and I think this will advantage me when applying for jobs and university :)
    • I have wanted to learn sign language for as long as I can remember. Having a child with Autism, I am no stranger to the SEN Community, however, I am also a teacher in the making! I think having sign language skills will enable me to communicate with a whole new community who I would love the ability to communicate with. I have recently finished a PGDip in Inclusion and supporting learners, this is just another level of being able to be inclusive and supportive. I find this language fascinating a
    • Hi I am Kel and I am a student teacher. With the lockdown I am here at home and in between my coursework I had the opportunity to study BSL. I have wanted to learn sign language for years and so when the opportunity arose, I jumped at it. I am working through the units and my 12 yo is joining in with me too. What an amazing language to learn, I am loving it so far! 
    • Hi! My name is Usayd. I am learning BSL and have just finished lesson 3 and plan to keep going. I'm learning because my best friend uses BSL with his family and have a few customers at my cafe that are Deaf, and thought it would very valuable to learn. Do send a message. I am on here every day usually between 3 and 6. Would love to excel my learning with other beginners or anyone for that matter to become much more better. 
    • My name is Ruby and I am 12 years old. At the moment I'm not at school so I thought i'd do something with my spare time. So me and my mum are learning sign language and it is really fun.
    • I have just started lesson 1! I am mixed handed so I write with my left hand, or do makeup.. but I do many other things with my right hand or my right foot! I noticed when practising the alphabet in sign language I'm using my left hand for most of the letters but sometimes I naturally use the right handed way. Is this a big problem at all??
    • I've always wanted to learn another language - I was brought up speaking Welsh and so much of its culture is about a strong sense of community and pride. Languages for me have never only felt like an opportunity to learn a skill or something to add to a CV. I believe it's an insight into a communities culture, identity, tradition and a way of expressing love, sadness, joy in a way that is personable. I've been learning sign for a few months now and I love how poetic, expressive and visual the la
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