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Why I am learning BSL ! :)

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I chose to learn BSL at first because I was simply interested in it; just as anyone would learn any language, I thought it'd be something to learn for fun and to allow me to connect with people that I wouldn't have been able to have I not known BSL. Though this is definitely a big big part of why I'm learning, another factor is that I would like to go into the teaching profession, specifically primary. I think that knowing some BSL would be so beneficial to children who communicate through sign language to ensure they feel included and less isolated in a school of hearing students and teachers. I want to make sure that I can communicate with all of my students effectively to ensure inclusivity within my classroom :) 
Not only that, I think it would be amazing in my future, perhaps at university, to be able to, as I mentioned before, make new friends that I wouldn't be able to without knowing sign language! By learning, I will be able to communicate with so many more people :) 

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