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    • I passed level 1 BSL at night school many years ago but couldn't do level 2 as it was a day time course and I couldn't attend as I was a childminder. I love learning it and it's a good to be able to communicate with everyone. If anyone wants someone to practice with I'm happy to help, I remember quite a bit of what we've done so far but need to speed up.
    • My journey to find an LGBTQ+ friendly platform that offers both entertainment and a sense of belonging led me to an amazing site, webcam.lgbt . What sets this platform apart is not only the wide array of content tailored to our community but also the genuine warmth and acceptance that emanates from both the streamers and the viewers. Every interaction feels like a step towards building a more inclusive and understanding world. It's become more than just a site for entertainment; it's a venue
    • Hello, my name is Amina and I am learning BSL level 1, so I can communicate with deaf people at work. I am currently practicing for exam 102 and 103 which I’m finding difficult, if anyone would like to practice please get in touch.
    • Hello! I'm a product and industrial design student at the University of the Arts London. I'm currently doing an inclusive entertainment project and became intrigued about deaf people and their relationship with music/melodies/sounds. If you are deaf, I would appreciate it if you could fill out the survey below as I am struggling to find insights into this issue on a personal level. It might be a little broad/general because I'm still on my course of action/ if it's an area of interest for t
    • I am Rebecca. I have been learning sign language through British Sign Language webpage for the past 2 years. I haven’t got far with the course. I have some deaf friends in the church I go to Bromley Town Church. I am learning sign language so I can talk to my friends. I am considering becoming one of the interrupters at church if and when I know enough sign language. 
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