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I need help asking a girl to be my girlfriend


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I have recently started dating a girl who speaks and teaches BSL. I myself have a partial hearing loss and have started to learn BSL. I really like the girl and would like to ask her to be my girlfriend but I would like to do it in BSL. Can anyone help me construct this question and possibly show me how to sign it? I am very new to signing so I don’t have the knowledge to formulate this myself. 

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I am starting to learn BSL so cannot help with the translation of signing it at this time but recommend an animated series from Japan starting on 6 January 2004 in the new year soon.  It is about a deaf girl who is a college student who befriends an university student.  He speaks three languages but sign language is not one of them so he starts to learn it after they met.  The title is called A Sign of Affection, and it is going to be aired online in many anime platforms. 

You can check the series from the Anime News Network website link A Sign of Affection (TV) - Anime News Network:W where I first heard about it for more information.  It is usually available in other languages including english subtitles, a few days to a week later than the original japanese version on anime sites (recommend the following - animepahe, animesuge, animedao).  There are more other sites that have the english subbed versions available online so do some research.  

Since you do not have full knowledge of BSL, there are other ways to communicate and that is to show her the information of the new anime coming out next year.  As the story is quite relevant to your and her circumstances, it is a good start especially both might like watching animation with real life issues.  

I am glad to have come across this forum as having heard news about the successful campaign bringing the language into schools in 2025, it seems that the global community is also spreading awareness of its importance as Japan have created an anime series based on the hearing impaired, which are also created by sign language animators so this is really is one of the mostly anticipated animated series for winter 2024.

Please try watching it and see how it progresses.  Usually the anime will air every week on the same day, so it will be available on Saturdays from 6 January to 23 March 2024 which is around 12 weeks, about 25 minutes each chapter, probably 12 chapters in total.  The link is here Official website of the TV anime "Yubisaki and Love" (yubisaki-pr.com)

Best wishes for the new year and good luck!

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