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BSL tutor required on freelance contract to work on government funded contract


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We are looking to appoint an individual who is fluent in BSL, has experience in teaching BSL and has relevant experience within the discipline.   This tutor role includes, but is not limited to, the following activities: ● Planning, preparing, teaching/delivering modules and supporting learning ● Providing guidance, support and tutorship for learner groups and individuals, as appropriate ● Meeting both external and internal quality assurance processes in relation to programmes  ● Carrying out academic administration duties as required Shipley College is an equal opportunities employer welcoming applications from all sections of the community. With this being a Part Time Lecturing post, this includes flexible working practices


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES ● To deliver Deaf Awareness Training, Bespoke Training & BSL Taster Sessions ● To keep up to date with new developments within the field of teaching BSL and related courses ● To provide the highest quality teaching, learning and assessment to learners using the most appropriate and innovative methods, whilst celebrating difference and promoting diversity ● To ensure the smooth running of courses, including timely and accurate completion of attendance records, retention and achievement records, end of course information etc. ● To maintain excellent classroom management and discipline .To have well-developed strategies in place to keep learners safe and to support them to develop their own understanding of the risks in order to keep themselves and others safe ● To undertake formal assessment of learner achievement and offer learners clear and timely feedback on progress and opportunities for progression ● To produce the highest quality learning and assessment materials and use the most up to date and appropriate resources to support learning and assessment ●  Please contact [email protected] for more information 

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    • Good morning, I’ve been with my partner for almost 2 years and their maternal family uses BSL. So far I’ve picked up the the basics, stuck to them and relied on them lip-reading but I’m trying to be more proactive and learn BSL kind of “meet them halfway.” I’d like to be able to engage in deeper conversations with them but am just learning to sign now. Any advice please?
    • Hi, my name’s Taz. I’m 25 and live in London. I’m just learning how to introduce myself in BSL now and love learning about the community also. How about you guys?
    • Hello! My name is Kathryn and I have far too many hobbies to list. I work in tourism and as a carer (and also sometimes at my local bookshop). I've had an interest in learning BSL for a long time but decided to commit to it as part of my Queen's Guide Award which is the highest award you can achieve in GirlGuiding, essentially the same as the King's Scout Award if you're involved in Scouting.