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My inspiration for learning BSL

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Hi. I am Rebecca from Leeds, UK. I speak fluent Spanish and am currently using DuoLingo to improve my French. I learned fingerspelling when I was a little girl and thought it would be fun to learn BSL so started doing this in summer 2023. I have am elderly neighbour who is profoundly deaf and who we spend a lot of time with - he is a fantastic lipreader but sometimes struggles to understand people with heavy accents or with long beards! I thought it would be nice to learn some BSL to help with the deaf/hearing (language?) barrier. I have really enjoyed it so far and enjoy the etymology of the signs - e.g. how the sign for support links to help me/you, charity and assistant. It is so clever; and just like learning a hearing language. I'm looking forward to learning more and have even inspired my partner to sign up to the course as well.

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