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Hi from Lottie in Somerset

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Hi. I learnt BSL (stage 2) over 20 years ago but have not had any need to use it for at least 15 years, so unfortunately have forgotten quite a bit. My interest was rekindled when my niece mentioned the TV program “switched at birth”, though ASL seems is quite different to BSL. I would love to go back to a deaf club (if I can find one in my area) but think I need to brush up on my signs first. Hope to talk to some of you soon x

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Nice to meet you!  I have just started level 2. No previous experience and a bit far away from you to go to club but try to go on here quite regularly! 

Have a good day! Bec ?

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    • I'm learning British Sign Language so that I can communicate in some way with my son who's a baby, I hope to learn the language myself and teach him how to sign. I also hope that in the future I can incorporate sign language into a career, maybe a nursery teacher 
    • Then to spread the joy to others  
    • Hi I'm a primary school teacher who has always wanted to learn sign language. It is something I have been teaching my own children who love it. 
    • Hi my name is Lexi, I've had an interest in sign language for a while but what really drove me to learn it was becoming a mum, I'm currently studying Introduction to British Sign Language online in hopes that I'll be able to learn to communicate with my baby as well as teaching him to sign too. I'm really enjoying my course at the moment and can't wait to learn more! 
    • Hello all,  I recently started to learn British Sign Language. I am not very far into the course, so still got a long way to go. I am in the first year of primary education at uni. Any tips on how to remember specific signs would be great. Thanks for all your help, Natalie :)
    • Afternoon everyone I learnt the sign A-Z whilst at junior school in the 80s and since then, always wanted to learn more. Yes...it's taken me a while to learn more but I wanted to do something worthwhile whilst on furlough. I'll be introducing my own junior to the online intro course also and see if she takes to it like I did as a kid. Stay safe
    • Dear All, My name is M.Nikos Demetriou. I started learning British Sign Language (BSL) last September 2020 with WDDA. I am currently on the Level 1 Signature programme (101 and 102 completed) and loving it - my teacher is super bubbly and welcoming to us all. Yesterday I joined an extra (online) course that I would recommend to you: www.British-Sign.co.uk My intentions is to see through level 1, progress to the next level and get ready for the next wave when BSL arrives to our mainstre
    • Hi everyone, I am really enjoying the course :)  My name is Clare. I work in compliance for a Humanitarian Organisation. However I am also a part time Yoga teacher and have taken up BSL to eventually (hopefully I can become good enough) run some classes in sign language. I have noticed that Yoga classes can be very inaccessible and would ike to open mine up so that everyone can get involved. I also plan to arrange classes for people with visual impairments. 
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