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  1. Hi Edward, I just wanted to say I have read this and wanted to acknowledge that, but I am not really clued up on it all to give an opinion. I am learning BSL as I think it might be useful to me one day. I do agree that BSL should be taught though to all children. It is fairly easy to pick up, and they seem to enjoy it. My step daughters (8 and 11) love learning new things off me when I am learning. Anyway, I hope you can have a proper chat with someone about it, as I think it is most likely very important to a lot of people! ? Bec
  2. Hi Adam, nice to meet you. Really interesting to hear you say about needing an interpreter as a police officer. I was wondering how many are needed for that sort of thing, or for fire services or ambulance services. Best of luck with it all. I’m on level 2 now but feel bit out of my depth! Enjoy! Bec ?
  3. I’m now level 2, just and also would like to have chats online. I can only do the evenings, but if there is a time with either of you let me know! ? Bec ?
  4. Hi Edy, nice to meet you. I hope the course is going well! ? Bec ?
  5. Hi Kay, nice to meet you. The online course I am doing allows me to skip the actual assessments, as I will just do the next course with them. I only therefore have to do the level 6 NVQ assessments. Means it is cheaper for me. I guess it depends what you are doing it for. I’m not sure from the starting from scratch but I did a baby sing and sign, and quite a few of the words are different in BSL, and the way the sentences are structured are different too, so probably a beginning thing would be good. Hope that helps! Bec ?
  6. Hi Jenna. Nice to meet you. How’s the course going? I’ve just started level 2, but doing an online course. ? Have fun! Bec ?
  7. HI Julia, Welcome! It sounds like you have done some interesting stuff so far with signing. I think that no matter what job you do learning BSL would be helpful, even if it was just helping one person. I’ve just started level 2. Quite a jump from level 1 but enjoying it. I have to describe people and faces etc. it is quite hard to do! Enjoy learning! ? Bec x
  8. Nice to meet you! I have just started level 2. No previous experience and a bit far away from you to go to club but try to go on here quite regularly! Have a good day! Bec ?
  9. There seem to be various versions. What’s the most common for birthday? Thanks :-)
  10. http://www.signbsl.com/sign/between These might help :-)
  11. Hi Tom, I’ve just done the training for level one online https://www.bslcourses.co.uk/ Basically you get videos to watch, then you have tutorials over skype when you are ready. You can take the actual qualification, but I am doing all of the courses including level 6, so you don’t need to do the exams if you don’t want to and just jump to the next level. This saves money too! I’ve really enjoyed level 1 and the chap I had doing the tutorials was really nice. As for time, I think I needed the full week to practice using the signs and looking up some things in between too. I have 11 month old twins though, so time is a bit short for me! ? So if I was going to an actual course rather than online I would do the once a week. Hope that helps and welcome to the forum. I’ve been off for a few weeks with poorly babies, but try and check in most days. Cheers, Bec
  12. Thanks Colin. Is that the type you put in a salad though? I thought perhaps just the black stuff you put on your dinner, haha! I’m getting quick at finger spelling now though, so just spell out if I don’t know it! :-) Thanks again :-)
  13. Anyone know how to sign pepper – the salad ones!? I can only find the type in a pepper grinder! Thank you! Bec ?
  14. So I’m doing an online BSL course and a few times the lady did the sign in my video, but didn’t say what it was. Probably she did the same sign in another video so they don’t bother telling you what it meant with the subtitles. She was discussing food. So a break time she had a hot chocolate and she did the sign before hot chocolate. Thanks :-)
  15. Unfortunately it wasn’t very good. Not enough people came that were apparently signed up for it, so there just weren’t enough people! I managed to remember everything though, so always good. I’ve just finished all level 1 training for BSL though, so feeling good! One more tutorial online then on to level 2! Cheers, Bec
  16. Hi everyone. Tomorrow I am taking my first 2 classes teaching sing and sign to hearing Mums, Dads and their babies. Wish me luck! :-)
  17. HI Colin, nice to meet you. What a lot of languages! I was always rubbish at language, but do really enjoy BSL. Perhaps because I don’t need to try and pronounce anything! I’m doing 103 at the moment (online course) and it has suddenly picked up the pace! Welcome! ? Bec ?
  18. Sorry signed in with facebook instead of my account. This is the one I regularly use ?
  19. Hi Jenny, Merry Christmas! What’s level 2 like? I’m half way though level 1 now ? Bec ? x
  20. My topic today is weather I like and a season I like. I’m supposed to be able to say when the season is too. I am not sure if I repeat myself too much, or if the comment on me getting sunburnt is correct at all!! What do people think? Thanks, Bec :-)
  21. I am not sure. I think he asks about whether she likes coomputer games perhaps? They point a lot at the medal thing on his neck, so possibly talking about that? I would like to know too! ?
  22. Thanks Jack, that’s very kind of you. Got my tutorial tonight and I have had 3 topics to learn. Describing people, animals and objects, weather including seasons and months and also activities I like, when and how long for! Going to be a tricky one today. How long have you been learning? Bec :-)
  23. Hi All, I have to talk about my activities/interests in this next online tutorial I have. Does it all make sense? Thanks!
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