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  1. i learning asl cause 3 year ago i started to lose hearing to both my ear so i wear hearing aids to hear better without them you will have to yell talk to me to hear you. i also want to learn asl is because is really interesting to learn i also want to make friends who are deaf or who is like me i will like to learn asl in case i lose my hearing completely . i only learn the sing to family ans some of the color but i want to learn more.
  2. i will like to learn asl
  3. i am leasing both hearing to both ear it started to happn 3 year ago for me to hear i either have to wear my hearing aid wish i rally feel weird wearing them.when i am not wearing them iyou have to yell for me to hear you i will love to learn asl .i only learn the sing to the faily and some of the color
  4. hello my name is jannetcy i started to lose my hearing to both hear 3 year ago and the only way for me to hear if i wear my hearing aid wish i feel weird wearing or when i not wearing them you have to yell at me to get my attention for me to hear you. i will love to meet people and get to know people who are deaf as well as i want to learn asl i learn some sing but not alot ,i will like to know alot more ...
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