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  1. bev


    Id love to chat with you Ive also been signing for four years as-well! I think we can definitely learn a-lot from each other. If interested reply to post with maybe two time slots that work for you.
  2. bev


    Thats awesome! Im interested and curious about what class level do you teach?
  3. Hey "C" I remember you! Sadly didn't check my account today. Im busy tomorrow but free Sunday any time after 2. Let me know what time works best for you!
  4. Its awesome that you want to learn asl. Its so easy to fall in love with the language. I started studying ASL and about deaf culture at the beginning of the fall2016. Id love to help. Respond on here to set up a time that works for us!
  5. I have taken 5 ASL classes , so I believe I might be able to help. Email me and let me know what parts you are struggling with [email protected]
  6. hey! Due to covid 19 Im not working therefore Im free to chat:)
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