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  1. I need the help. I'm new to this sight so I'm not sure how to look for your events.
  2. I don't live in Holland but I'd be willing to be an online practice buddy. I'm a beginner and so far have only learned online and through some other deaf/hoh friends that I have
  3. I'd be willing to practice. I'm a beginner so mostly we'd be teaching each other
  4. I'm interested. I'm in SC so not too far away. I'm also a beginner so, just let me know.
  5. I'm willing to be a practice buddy if your looking for one. I'm a beginner, learning online
  6. Cnen Love


    Are you lookin for an asl practice buddy?
  7. Hi, I'm a beginner as well. I'm able to be practice buddies if you'd like. Idk a lot but we can both teach and learn from each other. Please let me know.
  8. I'm available to be practice buddies if you'd like.
  9. Hey, I'd like to be practice buddies if you're still looking. It sounds like you might be a tad bit more advanced than me but I think it will be great us teaching each other the signs we learn or have learned
  10. Hey Everyone. I'm a beginner studying asl. I have been in search of a practice buddy in the general area of Columbia SC. I am also willing to practice online with buddies as long as you have patience and are pretty good at starting new conversation so that I may learn different signs. This is where the patience comes in because with each sign I dont know it will have to be fingerspelled out for me. Some people get tired of always having to fingerspell things at a pace slow enough for me to understand. I know a good bit. Have been practicing for 3 mths but I still am limited on what I know. Would love practice buddies. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
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