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  1. Oxford


    im in the asl beginners, i do not care age, gender, sexuality, race, anything, jsut come on by and lets have a convo!
  2. you gotta click the white slider piece, and then move it while holding it.
  3. Oxford

    Video? 2

    i am also studying for my asl finals so i might not notice anyone join, please wait a few minutes for me to notice!
  4. Oxford

    Video? 2

    Ill be in asl Mixed video chat, im somewhat new and ready to practice with some one
  5. Oxford


    im in the mixed asl room if anyone wants to come practice with me ill only be on for about 20 more minutes though
  6. Im ox, im new to asl, i am hearing, but i love the deaf culture and asl language! im looking to practice and learn with others
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