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Brand new to ASL


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Hi all.

I’m 44 years old.  Just wanting to learn ASL. Gonna take an actual class in January. Been learning some online (Youtube) so I know the alphabet and some basic beginning signs/greetings, but looking forward to learning more.

Married for 22 years, 3 children aged from 15-20..  2 dogs, 7 saltwater fish.  Like aviation, sports, fast cars (I drive a Tesla Model 3) (mid-life crisis car, I suppose).

By the way, my profile pic was after quarantining for a while with no haircut, no shaving.


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I'm Ronnie, I'm from the UK. I use ASL as a gateway for expressive art but still class myself as a learner. I'm selective mute and I find ASL helps bridge the gap between hearing people and my voice. (Which just doesn't seem to work! Haha) I can understand BSL and ASL but prefer communicating in ASL.

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