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Can I ask questions here?

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I just finished my first class in ASL and will begin my second class in two weeks.

I have a couple questions that I would like to find the answers to before then. 

While signing a sentence how do you break of the words so you know when one word ends and another starts. 

I know that ASL sentences do not following English writing, but if I was signing and the word order is wrong is that something i should practice on or is getting the right words and signs more important?

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hello @beautyoutofashes54 i am a ASL student finishing my second year of ASL. Typically, when you sign/are signing there isn't really a "break" because if you sign fluently it simply flows, unless the person is signing slower or is a beginner,  then yes there are many pauses and breaks. 

Remember that the ASL sentence structure usually follows: Time + Subject + Verb + Object

so as an example in English it could go something like: I went to Ireland last year

and as for ASL it would look something like this: Last year (time) I ( subject) went to (me + go finish verb)  Ireland  (object) 

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@beautyoutofashes54 by simply asking :) would you like to practice sometime? i use multiple platforms such as this one, or Skype, or zoom, sometimes FaceTime all depending on what the other person wants or is more comfortable with. If you would like to practice email me a time and date and we can set up a chatroom. 

email: [email protected]  also i am pacific standard time. 

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