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Hello - My name is Alan. I'm a retired counselor living in the Upper Left of the US (aka WA state). I was an interpreter at one time many years ago, left it to raise a family, work 2 jobs and drop off the "sign language" radar for a time. In the past 3 years I have discovered I have a hearing loss. I was diagnosed as hard of hearing and can notice when I wear my hearing aids and when I don't. I am getting back into signing more. My speed and ability to read sign have greatly diminished but I am here to regain that speed and accuracy. Am hoping to develop a greater vocabulary, too. Hope to meet some of you in the forums.

By the way, I am not on any social media of any sort. Due to the nature of the clients I worked with, it was best. I'm not trying to be Mr. Mysterious here, it's just that some of those individuals were not above seeking certain people out. 

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