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old fart here!


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Hello out there

Im a hearing husband of a deaf wife.

Im a retired electrician and safety instructor.

while i do know some sigh language this site will help me and some others in our fire department.

there are not many deaf people in our community but i have a lot of deaf friends all over

we have a heck of a lot of fun and they are quite patient with teaching this fumble fingered old fart that i am.

so im very happy to be here!

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i made up a fingerspelling sign and because you are firefighter i want you to just try this one out ok.

the tips of your finger have two side one the side that faces you and the fingerprint. the side going from pointer to pinky equal A through H the middle part of the finger is the sides only but you use half the thumb for a marker and use each side of the finger as you roll it across to make I through P. the last is the easiest as you make Q through X with the side front version again but the finger are now straight up. the Y and Z are just the thumb going toward you for Y and the thumb going away from you. i have made video but i got infected with a lot of diseases and i am afraid to shave or it will spread anyways. please get people to use this alpha numerical fingerspelling as once learned it is impossible to forget and really easy to learn and it would save a really lot of live and i invented when puss was pouring out of my ear. gg.

the fingernode fingerspell chart for bill gates..JPG

the fingernode fingernumber chart for bill gates..JPG

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