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  1. i made up a fingerspelling sign and because you are firefighter i want you to just try this one out ok. the tips of your finger have two side one the side that faces you and the fingerprint. the side going from pointer to pinky equal A through H the middle part of the finger is the sides only but you use half the thumb for a marker and use each side of the finger as you roll it across to make I through P. the last is the easiest as you make Q through X with the side front version again but the finger are now straight up. the Y and Z are just the thumb going toward you for Y and the thumb going away from you. i have made video but i got infected with a lot of diseases and i am afraid to shave or it will spread anyways. please get people to use this alpha numerical fingerspelling as once learned it is impossible to forget and really easy to learn and it would save a really lot of live and i invented when puss was pouring out of my ear. gg.
  2. hey please remember though. it may sound wrong unless you try it on the deaf first so use the dictionary to make your video, then put it on the site here to have them verify it. i am just an ear infection not actually deaf.
  3. google play store an app 7.99 dictionary asl dictionary. not as good as friend but it will get you there. gl.
  4. listen why don't one of you not just make a comment but give a name. if you understand the naming convention then make your own. tentatively you could want to be called something. then people may approve but communities using this type of reference need to use a point of entry and that would be tribalism as the easiest like gang naming and they could mean how you would belong in a group so find what you do best and you find what people call those and you will then get a variant of the word as a name. this could also generate a list of possible names and it could entail status so look up the value of the variants and use one for yourself, or make it so you earn it to them.
  5. i can't tell who you are talking to but i can see your responses. i am looking for help to find a way to make a fingerspelling challenge. but i wish to use my own alpha numeric sign that will be like a deaf equal right bill as once you learn you will not be able to forget therefore anything learn later will be retained also. once started it can't be undone.
  6. wow this was a long time ago but just hoping you get this? there is a new program that is free and it is called sign school beta and it is making it really easy to learn. anyway still looking for someone to practice with as i am not getting any faster and i have started to forget uncommon words. i am looking for a channel to learn to read sign and not just know the words and phrases.
  7. hey i super suck at it but i will say that if you do it slow it can participate with you. i am old though 52 and i am not looking for a girlfriends i was infected with hpv 2 6 12. i also invented alphanumerical sign. the youtube link is here! it is super easy. one time learn but i generally use the two middle finger now for Y and Z. gg
  8. hey cody i got and ear infection and that is how i started learning and i know fingerspell and about fifty words and i am learning at signschool which is free and an online web browser software system. i need someone to practice.

    1. Cody Hartjes

      Cody Hartjes

      when are you free? 


    2. deathincarnate


      All day from noon to five pm. i am starting to forget stuff like pushing your hands palms outward. I can't remember what is was. also someone please look at my alphanumeric sign and at least say it sucks or something!!! i sent video of a hands pushing up that i forgot. i hope you get that too.



    3. deathincarnate


      just email me at [email protected] make new one and send the new one i case you decide you hate me. that is what people do. anyways send the email through here first or just use here but it took a week for me to find this as i was gaming. i play rust at cndblood solo or solo duo most of the time and then i practice guitar from 5 to 7 pm.

  9. you can find it on https://www.facebook.com/stephen.givens.12/ then i made an app at educaplay that you insert the user name and then it give you access to the apps the user name is stephen givens.
  10. (WHO) the other one is finger pointing sideways. flapping up and down for who is that.
  11. it is just fingerspelling but it is easy if you want to look at it go for it. i hope the url works on your computers it does here but it is already mine gg. (https://www.facebook.com/stephen.givens.12/s )
  12. If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] and [email protected] and please tell me what you think of it. i am still working on the number but i am almost ready with that and it is just as easy as the fingerspell. this method because it is based on math should be super easy to learn. i hope you guys like it.
  13. the method i know will work is this android program and then this icon at the bottom inside then when it happens as i tried to send in for them to modify the match game to use the videos too with the augmentation of hover backlighting ones previously done to make you sure that you got it right. remember video match game is the answer for the language i learned sign fingerspell in six hours.
  14. i am learning just in case and i have found important stuff. use asl sign fingerspell match game. listed below are the icons to get there with the android app. first then the memory game which is match game. then use this website that we are on for speed sign reading. what i need if anybody is listening is a speed signing program that uses a webcam to learn to sign back to people at high speed ok. that is what i am doing here. also a match to go with videos where you watch and choose a word or phrase in match game form would be good with these features. watch, pick then when you hover both light up with back lighting. then video will play again for viewing again. i am sure this way will teach perfect sign in a very short time.
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