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I'm live in Michigan ✋


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Hi there.  I live in Michigan and yes, we do use our hand to show where we live or where another town is.

It's a rather convenient map since it is always with you.  😂

I have an amazing husband of 25 years, 8 children, 2 granddaughters, a silly chiweenie, and a black cat.

My mom and brother are hard of hearing.  My mom has a cochlear.

Decades ago I took an SEE class.  The school system was offering it to families of students that were deaf or hearing impaired.  I say it that way, because that was the school systems mindset on the topic.



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I do know some ASL.  I know that some signs from SEE crossover.  And of course "baby sign" is it's own pidgen of both.

I am interested in learning more ASL signs along with the language itself.  

I would be to happy to chat with you.  

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