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Looking for ASL study and or conversation practice buddy /partner


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Hi My name is Jax, hearing, and a year 1 college student. I’m based in CA, USA.  I finished ASL 1 class back in Dec 2021, and recently started ASL 2. I’m looking for an ASL study or conversation practice buddy. I find that I need to work on memory recall when I’m in a conversation.

We can video chat, or exchange conversations through videos similar to Snapchat format. I’m available on Snapchat, Instagram, fb messenger, Flipgrid, zoom, and skype. 

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Hi Jax,

I'm Aislyn I saw your posts on helpful ways to immerse yourself in ASL culture. I love the idea of video diaries! I am hearing and have been studying ASL on and off since I watched Switched at Birth in like 2014, I recently picked it back up and am looking for a conversation partner. I have not had any formal training but I love watching Lifeprint videos by Dr. Bill Vickers. Not sure if you'll see this, but would you want to practice together? I have all the same video tools but flipgrid

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Hello. I've been a member to this site for a few years now. I frequently get on here and try to practice signing with people who are interested. If signing practice is what you're looking for, I'll be in the chatrooms on this site for the next hour or so.

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