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New to the Site, Kinda New to ASL

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I would love to start speaking with someone. I'm about to graduate High School soon and I've taken one class of ASL. Which I've completely fell in love with. I was hoping to practice ASL outside of the classroom though. Just you know reply and we can start ? :)

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Hi Raquel! 

My name is Amily and I'm going into my sophomore year of college. I have done 2 semesters of ASL classes with a completely deaf teacher and I need to stay on top of it over the summer! Let me know if you're able to chat! 

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Hey!! I am so so sorry! I was busy registering for College. I'll be a freshman in the Fall Semester. Maybe we can set up a time for tomorrow?

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    • Hi hello! I'm new to the forum. I was born hard of hearing, but only recently learned about the Deaf/HoH community and American Sign Language. I attend two schools and take ASL classes at my local community college. I love signing because it makes communication easier/enjoyable/understandable for me and I regularly attend Deaf socials/events because I enjoy making new friends. This summer, I took an amazing opportunity to study abroad for six months, but am now worried about not having the opportunity to retain everything I've learned thus far and feeling isolated again. Hence, I joined this forum. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better! Thanks!~
    • Hi! Can anyone please translate this sign for me? I do not know ASL and I would like to know the meaning of the sign in the picture  Thank you!  
    • I am Deaf n meet introduced ...
    • Hey @Bisceglia Lana Aristide welcome. If there is anything on this site that isn't obvious or doesn't work as you expect please let us know and we'll try our best to make it work better.  Let us know how we can make it easier for ASL signers and learners to connect. Enjoy 😊