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Hello! Looking to practice ASL with members of the Deaf community :)


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I'm a student of linguistics and minoring in ASL/English interpreting. I am looking to practice signing with members of the Deaf community (including HOH) and even those of hearing with fluency, and definitely becoming friends. I hope to meet you! I'm new to this website so I thought a video chat room would be best. I can be found in the 3rd chatroom, ASL Improvers :)

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    • Hi! I just started ASL today with great interest. As of now, I only know the basics including the alphabets, numbers 1-20, a few colors, and pronouns. Although I will only be learning on my free time, I still hope that I will be able to make friends here and learn together with them! 💙
    • Hey there, I'd be interested to chat and see if our levels match well for practicing together Message me!
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