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“Let’s make a DEAL.”

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“Let’s make an AGREEMENT. You wash the dishes, and I’ll dry them.”

“If you clean your room, you can have dessert. Okay? Do we have a DEAL?”

“You’re breaking our ARRANGEMENT!  I lead the horse to water, but now you’re not making him drink!”

In this context, would it be appropriate to use the sign CONTRACT?  I keep finding “AGREE” online; as in “THINK-SAME.”  But that doesn’t feel conceptually accurate.

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    • Hey-- mine is ki_finch I haven't used Skype in forever either. I'm adding you now! When are your best times to chat? 
    • I had to search for my username. Its been so long since I used Skype. tinadietz_1 Let me know your Skype name. Talk soon.
    • Oh I've never heard of that one! Do you have a preference? What's your Skype? I'll go ahead and add you. I'm going to bed now but will be back online in the morning! I'm excited to meet another student who wants to get some practice, it's hard to find study buddies. 
    • Yes I do. I have also recently heard about the Glide app but haven't tried it.