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“Let’s make a DEAL.”

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“Let’s make an AGREEMENT. You wash the dishes, and I’ll dry them.”

“If you clean your room, you can have dessert. Okay? Do we have a DEAL?”

“You’re breaking our ARRANGEMENT!  I lead the horse to water, but now you’re not making him drink!”

In this context, would it be appropriate to use the sign CONTRACT?  I keep finding “AGREE” online; as in “THINK-SAME.”  But that doesn’t feel conceptually accurate.

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    • That sounds like a great plan! I'll be there when I can :)
    • Hello, I am Amy.
    • I like your idea! I'll try to be there.
    • I've noticed there's an increasing amount of people attempting to use the chat rooms on the website to practice. I'm here to possibly discuss a solution. If people read this, we could arrange to have people congregate to the chatroom at around 9 pm EST two days a week. At this time most people would be off work and have a little bit of free time. My suggestion is everyone tries to hop on around 9 pm EST either every Friday (as per the calendar) or every Wednesday and Saturday, where people get two opportunities per week to meet others. What do you guys think? I try to check the chat every other day at around 8 pm EST.   My ultimate suggestion is 9 pm EST on Friday. What do you guys think?