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Clay Jonathan Gatlin

New ASL Learner, Need practice!

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finishing ASL 2 within a month or so and then going to level 3!  no problem at all. I'm sure we can teach each other a thing or two. always better to have someone to sign with than not. What platform do you use for chatting/video chat? 

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Hello guys, I am a beginner level too but i'd love to join you two. I love learning about ASL but it's hard when you don't have someone to practice with.

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    • Like the title says my name is Alan, signed up for this site because I have recently found a passion for languages.    I took some Spanish in middle school and I always dreaded it.    Since then I have fumbled my way around trying to teach myself several languages including Swedish, French, Nepali, Japanese (not sure if I'll keep up with this one), abit of Sign Language and Braille.       I am by no means fluent any of them but would love to push myself to learn even more.    I would s
    • I also need a partner to practice with
    • I've been wanting to learn ASL for quite some time now. None of my family members are deaf and neither am I. It just fascinates me and I noticed you meet some very nice people along the way, mostly deaf. They always do their best to help me improve and get better at signing. I'm currently taking an ASL 101 course at my college in Tucson, Arizona and I like it a lot...
    • I'd be interested to be your partner 😃
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