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    Hi! would love to join in sometime!
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    I believe creating a more inclusive society will allow others to live a more full life. It should be a necessity to teach in schools so it can be used out in the wider world. When working, I want to be able to communicate with whoever I come into contact with, learning BSL enables those to feel more comfortable and accepted.
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    Morning folks. Been out of the picture for a while as been busy with prepping for our new arrival which is at the end of this month. How are the practice sessions going? Are they still running? Not sure when I will be back but hopefully I'll be back soon. Currently juggling work, health and a preggers wife along with trying to learn Level 1 BSL 😅 Hope to see you all soon
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    Hi my name is Sammy. I am a final year dental student and I wanted to learn sign language as I am looking at special care jobs in dentistry, and hope this will come in useful in my career! I have experience with working with autistic people, and want to continue working with people with learning difficulties.
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    Hello everyone:) I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I recently decided to do the online course in BSL as its always something I have wanted to learn. I currently work in a nursery with 3-5, and I think its really important to know sign as we never know who could be joining our class. I also help with a local Autistic Charity where, once covid allows us too, I am hoping to be attending and helping the parents support groups, so I think its really important to be able to interact with the children. I would also like to be able to teach my daughter (4) some sign. Hopefully they will be able to teach it in schools soon, as i think its a life skill and I am really looking forward to be able to put what I have learnt into practice at a time it. Keep safe
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    Hi All, My name is Alex! I have been working in retail for nearly 6 years now, I think its so important to be inclusive of all customers, so my company has recently started providing us with weekly sign lessons. These sessions are based on store specific sign, I decided that I wanted to learn more than that, so am now doing an online BSL class! I am lucky to have one of my best friends learning with me, its great to practise frequently! Cant wait to learn more and more!
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    Hi Louise, I've been also learning BSL and decided to improve as much as I can. Try to make friends with deaf people, it'll help a lot. It helps me BesBesides I really love deaf community. I believe this forum might be a good platform to achieve that. I also decided to start my blog and website to present my thoughts in English and BSL although both languages aren't my first languages. I love challenges in life. I'm trying to present the wideos with subtitles, and subtitles are meant to be in BSL syntax. Check it out and tell me what you think. It's still in progress. www.sign2feel.com and YouTube channel with one video for now, alphabet video. All the best Greg
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    I would replay the video twice and then practice the sign 4 times. Then I would repeat the process for the next word. I would write each word on a piece of paper as I go along. After learning 5-10 words, I would start signing from the first word on my list (memory only, without looking at the videoclip) and then continue from there, and this helped me revise and learn at the same time.
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    Hi! My name is Codie, I am 18 years old and I have started learning BSL. I am hoping to start university in September, where I will be moving from the countryside to the city to study a course which allows me to work with young children. In my work experience, I have come across children with a range of additional needs, including one boy who had never learned to speak, but was always listening and learning. Nobody in the school knew how to correctly communicate with him, meaning he was often subconsciously excluded by the other young children who found it difficult to be around him. Along with this, I work part time in retail and understand the importance of allowing people to be independent. Learning sign language would make my work place more accessible for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, and increase the independence of some people in my area who find it difficult to be alone due to needing to communicate in non-verbal ways. Along with this, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced me to leave school early and caused a lot of uncertainty. Learning this new skill is not only beneficial to other people, but also to myself, as it allows me to feel like I'm achieving something, even if it is only minor like learning one or two new signs. I'm excited to see how the rest of my learning goes and what else I can achieve, and to see how BSL helps my day to day life.
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